Bearded Dragons For Sale


Some Facts About Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons mostly live in the woodland and sandy areas. They don’t grow extremely large and can be easily handled by kids. When you find a bearded dragon for sale, you should consider some things before you purchase him or her.


  • His or her nose, mouth and eyes must be free of any kind of oozing or pus.
  • Make sure that he or she is active and aware of his or her surroundings.
  • He or she must not have any kind of bite marks or sores.
  • All legs and toes must be there.
  • He or she can run and walk around freely.

bearded dragons for sale

Once you have found a bearded dragon for sale, don’t purchase him or her just yet. It’s necessary to set up the bearded dragon’s home first and make sure that you have everything it might need to be comfortable. This includes two lighting sources – 1 for UVB exposure and 1 for heat and a reptile carpet for their flooring. Don’t use sand or other kinds of materials that are not suitable for bearded dragons.

You should also include a small food and water dish and a perch for him or her to climb on. Remember that bearded dragons love to bask under the heating lamp. If you’re planning to have more than one bearded dragon, don’t house them together. Particularly males should not live in the same cage because they will fight.  You can house one male and two females together, but remember that you will need an extremely large tank for this, to ensure that there is enough space for all of them.

Where do I find Bearded Dragons for Sale?

The best places to buy bearded dragons are local pet shops and reptile shows where you’ll find bearded dragons for sale cheap or at least for a reasonable price. The latter seems to be a better option as these come from avid breeders who know a great deal about bearded dragons. Furthermore, reptile shows usually offer a big variety of different kinds of bearded dragons, such as for example the yellow bearded dragon, and sometimes you also might find the snow bearded dragon for sale. The breeder must be able to answer your questions. If he or she can’t, then move on and look for another. Here you can usually also find large bearded dragons for sale. Of course, if you know someone in your neighborhood or have a friend who happens to have baby beardies you might be lucky and could even get healthy bearded dragons for free.

The first thing to do when you get your pet beardie is think about Bearded Dragon Names.


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