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Are you looking to buy a new bearded dragon? Perhaps you are wondering why your pet lizard is unlike any other you see? The different colors and sizes of bearded dragons are achieved through breeding. Breeding is the process through which bearded dragons of different species are mated together and they produce offspring of different colors. This is a carefully monitored process supervised by expert bearded dragon breeders to make sure the desired color and size has been achieved.

The issue is that the average Joe is unable to understand the information provided by thebearded dragon breeders. Hence, you need to know exactly what they mean when you are buying the lizard. I have been fascinated by the process of finding Giant Bearded Dragon Breeders. Here are 9 different breeds of bearded dragons you will find. You would be able to select the best from the selection offered by bearded dragon breeders.


The normal bearded dragons are, well, normal. They are produced by breeding together two bearded dragons that have different traits. Normal bearded dragons are prevalent and you can easily find one to buy on the market.


Hypo refers to bearded dragons produced by breeding together two lizards which suffer from hypomelanism. As a result of their condition, the offspring produced has lighter colored skin. In addition, the eyes and nails are also of a lighter color than a normal bearded dragon.


Trans is the short form for translucent. Two bearded dragons which share translucent skin traits are bred together. The offspring, as a result, also have translucent, almost see through skin color. Trans bearded dragons usually have the darkest eyes of all breeds.

Hypo Trans

Hypo Trans is produced by a combination of a bearded dragon with hypomelanism and translucent skin. Hypo Trans lizards thus have transparent skin colors and you would have a hard time finding any dark colors there.

Het Hypo

In some cases, a bearded dragon has hypomelanism but the traits don’t appear in the skin color. Only when they are bred does the trait appears in their offspring. However, breeding the dragon with a dragon from a different species might not show the traces in the offspring.

Het Trans

Het Trans is similar to het hypo, in the sense that they are offspring of bearded dragons that have translucent traits but do not show it. Once again, whether or not the offspring have translucent skin depends on the species of the dragon used for breeding.

Double Het

This is a double whammy! There are some cases where a bearded dragon has both translucent and hypomelanism traits but none of them show visually. Their offspring may show the traits or not, depending on the dragon they are bred with.

Hypo Het Trans

A bearded dragon that has both translucent and hypomelanism traits, yet only shows the hypo trait. The bearded dragons produced after breeding may have one or both the traits.

Trans Het Hypo

A trans het hypo is the polar opposite of a hypo het trans bearded dragon. In this case, the lizard has both traits but only shows the translucent trait. The offspring may have both traits and show both, but there is a chance none or either one of the traits is shown.

These are some of the breeds of bearded dragons produced by bearded dragon breeders. Knowing this enables you to determine the life expectancy and the color choices you can make when finding your kind of special bearded dragon for sale. If you plan to breed your dragons, don’t forget to keep the different morphs in separate bearded dragon cages.

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  2. The different color mutations are not separate species, but different genetic color variations withing the same species.

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